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Adams LiteraryMany of our authors have had the distinction of being edited by Deborah Brodie. They value Deborah’s vast publishing knowledge and in-depth editing, her nurturing presence, and her willingness to expend whatever effort is necessary to make a book the best it can be.”

Cam Jansen bookjacketDeborah Brodie has been my editor for more than thirty years and at two publishing houses, and I look forward to continuing our happy and productive association. I have worked with her on picture books, biographies, mysteries, and activity books. It was Deborah who first noticed Cam Jansen’s potential and helped establish Cam in one of the earliest First Chapter books ever published. She’s a talented editor.”

Max bookjacketDeborah Brodie was the editor on all eight of my books; we have worked together for over 18 years. I have relied on her critical eye and her artistic perception to help me deepen characterization and theme — simply put, to make my stories stronger and better crafted than I can on my own. Deborah’s criticism and comments are always intelligent and insightful; she can often see what I am trying to say better than I can. Of course even the kindest criticism is difficult to hear, but she is also always aware of the neuroses and self-doubts that are so much a part of being a writer. She often states her ideas and suggestions in the form of questions, and we both know that I am free to disagree with her. She knows that it is, ultimately, my story, and she is always respectful of my vision for the piece. Writing a novel is a hard, arduous, frightening journey. I can’t imagine a better companion and guide than Deborah Brodie.”

The Train JumperTrying my hand at novel writing after a dozen and a half picture books proved a daunting, frustrating, and infuriating task. Having Deborah at my side proved a godsend. Part teacher, part guide, part shrink, part voice of reason, but always a ray of sun shining though the gloomiest of perceived writing problems, her contributions to the completion of my novels are immeasurable.”

TLA logoDeborah Brodie touches manuscripts with her magic wand and leaves them in better shape than she found them. She’s the Book Fairy!”


Chudney logo“Deborah is that rare editor who can spot potential very early on in the process, even from very rough material. She is willing to work with authors on honing and polishing their material, and her dedication always results in a most wonderful collaboration and a great picture book or novel.”

Had GadyaDeborah has a way of making me feel that I am the only one she is working with.”

Writer's House logoYears of experience working with authors in many capacities—as well as both teaching and writing about both writing and publishing—show in the quality and sensitivity of Deborah’s work with authors. She is insightful, articulate, gentle—and challenging. She truly wants what’s best for a book and for her authors—and she knows how to help them achieve it.”

The Greenhouse Agency“If you just can’t sort your novel out and are about to jump over a cliff, Deborah is the lady to turn to. 

She’s a genius editor and quite incredibly kind.”

Relief bookjacketDeborah Brodie is a gifted editor with a golden ear. She can see a story’s true potential and—walking you through draft after draft—she’ll guide you to that mark. Any writer would be lucky to have her. She’s a treasure.”

Note: I worked with Nathan on “The Twenty-seventh Man,” the short story that opens For the Relief of Unbearable Urges.

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Deborah is worth every penny, she's the real thing.”


Not so Perfect RosieDeborah Brodie is a wonderful editor, warm and responsive to the writer. She's able to see the whole shape of the story, and to offer insight and gentle suggestions; her attention to detail is all that a writer could ask. She's worked with me on several of my books, and each one became more of what I wanted to say, and in a way that was richer because of her advice.”

bookjacketAs an editor, Deborah Brodie is a gem! She mentors writers the old-fashioned way—by generously sharing her limited time and her unlimited expertise. And she does it all with warmth, humor, and complete professionalism.”

bookjacketDeborah knows which questions to ask, and how to ask them. She knows when to push, and when to pull back. Like the best teacher, she motivates and inspires. She has a breadth and depth of knowledge about the publishing field that provides crucial insight into both the realities and the possibilities for your work. Deborah is fun, and funny. I trust her judgment absolutely.”

Fast and Brutal WingAs I work, I feel the material taking its necessary shape, achieving its necessary speed. This self-editing happens because Deborah Brodie worked with me closely, editing my first five books, not just with a keen and intelligent eye but also with a generous heart. Her voice is always in my head.”

I SpyDeborah is great to brainstorm with. For Baby's Alphabet, we worked out ideas that are stronger because of the back-and-forth. She really cares about making books the best they can be.”

bookjacketWorking with Deborah is a little like having a skilled dancing partner. In the give-and-take of editing and revising we have always worked easily together and sometimes it has seemed almost like dancing. Deborah's suggestions and insights have been invaluable to me. Her comments have so often shed light on what a manuscript needs to be a better manuscript. Deborah is the sort of editor that a writer hopes to encounter and is more than lucky to find. I have been lucky.”

Happy Birthday AmericaWorking with Deborah on Happy Birthday, America was wonderful. She helped me shape the unfolding plot of the story, as well as consider the best possibilities for illustrations.”


Dead ConnectionWorking with Deborah is like going to graduate school in literature. She sees what I'd like to do even when I don't see it. Collaborating with her is like singing harmony.”


Stimola logoDeborah Brodie is a consummate professional and editor of distinction … a visionary, able to roll up her sleeves and dig into a narrative to reveal its strengths, address its shortcomings and bring it to polished perfection while enhancing a writer’s voice and a story’s integrity.”

CandyflossDeborah is the editor all authors dream of — so enthusiastic, understanding and innovative. She's an ultra-professional colleague. I envy all the authors she is currently working with.”


The Devil's ArithmeticDeborah Brodie and I worked on two novels together – Children of the Wolf and the award-winning The Devil’s Arithmetic. Both books were made so much better due to her close attention to detail and characterization and her probing questions about the thematic underpinnings. She's tough but fair, and anyone really interested in publishing the very best book they can write could hardly do better than with her editorial advice.”